USDA FGIS Boundary Review

USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) developed the following two visualizations in 2022 as part of a study reviewing USDA operations in the grain industry between 2017 and 2021. 

USDA FGIS Official Service Provider Information

The visualization below demonstrates where and how United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA) inspection and weighing services were provided in 2022. Such services were offered through FGIS offices or the network of USDA authorized designated official agencies or delegated states. FGIS or delegated states must service export port locations. FGIS federal offices are noted with green government dots. Delegated states are noted with grey information dots. Designated official agencies service specifically defined geographic areas which are delineated by distinct colors. FGIS will service any unassigned areas. Areas with multiple FGIS offices are displayed in white.

Selecting a particular color area will provide entity contact information, the authorized service area, and the term of the designation or delegation as it stood in June 2022. Export port location information has been included in the servicing entity information boxes, where applicable.
The search box in the upper left corner allows the viewer to explore which designated official agency was handling a particular location in June 2022.  Also, the display of each service provider type may be individually selected. Additional view options are available in the View Source Data option in the bottom right.

FGIS Certificate Service Locations - Grain

This visualization captures the locations where USDA FGIS certificates were issued for grain services performed under the United States Grain Standards Act, whether by FGIS directly or through the network of Official Agencies and Delegated States.   The colors reflect which of the service providers issued the certificate in the particular city or state.  Certain cities may have services performed by multiple service providers.   Under USDA regulations, submitted sample inspections may be requested from any service provider regardless of their officially designated or delegated area.   The USDA regulations also provide for specific exceptions that permit performing services at specific locations in the officially designated area of a different provider.  Selecting a specific dot/city will display the location name, city, state, service provider, and year of certificate issuance.   This visualization is currently filtered to data from 2021.  Five years of data are available for review and custom exploration through various filters.  The View Source Data option in the bottom right is also available for you.  Please directly any questions to